Recent Caravans

Here's a few of the custom retro caravans we're currently working on or have recently finished.

Four Berth Blue and White Caravan

This is a rebuild of an old caravan for a glamping company. It contains two double beds, gas heating and a stylish wood grain interior.

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Rebuild into Food Van

Restoration of an old caravan into a flash new food van! 

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Teardrop Caravan

This teardrop caravan is one of our recent projects.  We have built it from scratch and think the finished outcome is fantastic!  

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New Caravan

Here's a styley caravan that's been built from scratch, it has a stovetop, fridge, cupboards, and table and benchseat that converts to a large double bed. 

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Rebuild of old Raglan Caravan

This caravan came to us in a bit of a state!  The SCRAM team pulled the panels off, rebuilt the wooden framing, resealed and refitted the panels, repaired broken windows, fitted all new window rubbers, fully rebuilt the interior included new bed bases, new ceiling lining and new lino on the floor.  

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Rebuild into Mobile Bar

This caravan was about as old and decrepit as you can get!  Here's a few photos of the restoration and the finished product painted in matt black. It was converted into a garden bar for a pub. If you have an old caravan this is a very cost-effective way to get it back up scratch, built to your specifications.

009 016 020 024 DSCF1907 DSCF1928 DSCF1930 DSCF1933 DSCF1945 DSCF1947 land3 001.JPG

Private Two Berth Caravan

This was a quick restoration we did at the end of 2013 of an old caravan into a stylish two berth retro caravan.  You are welcome to choose all the interior colours yourself and do all the decorating or we can help you with this including fabric colours, cushion covers and curtains.  

DSCF2357 4874 MG 5207 4477 1 MG 5210 4480 MG 5232 4481 MG 5307 4539 MG 5310 4542 MG 5313 4545 MG 5315 4547 1 MG 5318 4550

Retro Coffee Caravan

This was an extensive rebuild of an old caravan but it came out extremely well and is now a cool coffee van based in Auckland's North Shore.

MG 5258 4625 MG 5265 4576 MG 5267 4578 MG 5269 4580 MG 5272 4583 MG 5273 4584 MG 5296 4607 photo 5 photo 6

Wellington Kitchen Van

This caravan was in a sorry state but the Scram team got to work and turned it into a totally mint retro food caravan fitted with full kitchen facilities.

DSCF2215 2 DSCF2216 2 DSCF2225 2 DSCF2232 2 DSCF2236 2 DSCF2237 2 DSCF2238 2 DSCF2239 2 DSCF2240 2 DSCF2242 2 DSCF2243 2 DSCF2244 2

Bar Caravan

DSCF2373 5463 DSCF2376 5466 DSCF2422 5771 DSCF2440 5757 DSCF2444 5753 DSCF2489 6284 DSCF2491 6286 DSCF2492 6287 DSCF2493 6288 DSCF2496 6291 DSCF2499 6294 z201WEB3

Blue Two Berth Private Caravan

This retro caravan was in very bad shape when we got it, but we now think it looks pretty sharp with its rebuilt white and timber interior and new paint job.

DSCF2597 2 DSCF2676 2 DSCF2677 2 DSCF2810 2 DSCF2852 2 DSCF2878 2 DSCF2888 2 MG 7619 2 MG 7621 2 MG 7622 2 MG 7626 2 MG 7632 2